Energy Training Foundation

Launched in 2001 as a vision to broaden South and Southern Africa’s pool of knowledge in the energy efficiency sector, the Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) conducted is first Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) training session in 2002. Since then we have over 3,500 candidates representing over 1,500 companies from various industries like mines, consulting firms, ESCOs, Universities, OEMs, government departments, utilities, water and waste water, chemical, and every single industrial sector in the country from food and beverage, automotive, pulp and paper, and the list goes on. Training has been presented in all the major cities of South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

To facilitate the need of the South African industry to continuously contribute to energy efficiency, the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP®) course was launched in 2006 to ensure accurate and verifiable reporting of savings to receive energy efficiency project grants and recognition. These professionals have gained invaluable experience to accommodate future requirements with prevailing tax incentives for energy efficiency projects that are set to encourage industry investment in this sector. Subsequently the Certified Energy Auditor (CEA™) course was initiated in 2009. CEA was followed by the Certified Renewable Energy Professional (REP®) in 2013.

The EnTF is currently running a train the trainer programme with trainers to become AEE accredited with the aim of launching two additional AEE qualifications programmes during 2017:  The Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM) and the Certified Water Efficiency Professional (CWEP).


  • Integrity and credibility are the pillars that our principles of work is based on
  • We focus on bringing international qualifications opportunities to individuals in the energy industry
  • We deliver customer centred turnkey energy training and skills development services and solutions
  • Internationally accredited and industry experienced trainers and mentors
  • Empowering the workforce to make a difference to the environment through energy conservation


Using our experience as internationally accredited trainers, examiners, assessors, certification processing and mentorship service providers we possess the capacity and organisational skills to deliver energy training project requirements.