For Solar PV and Renewable Energy

The objective of this training course is to inform and educate individuals on battery bank design and installation particularly for renewable energy storage.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a technical course and not an information session. It is preferable that the attendee has previously attended a Solar PV Installers course.

Electricians wanting to expand into renewable energy market

Current Solar PV Installers wanting to increase their product and technical knowledge

Other technically qualified individuals who are interested in the renewable energy market

  • Be able to design and specify a battery system as a storage solution for renewable energy
  • Be aware of the different types of batteries and their applications
  • Be aware of the different battery brands and their specifications which are available in South Africa
  • Be aware of the sizing and selection of appropriate invertors, chargers and PV modules with reference to the different types of batteries used.

Introduction to Battery Systems as a storage solution for renewable energy

a. Explain Storage

b. Reason for Storage

c. Objective

d. Technology Forecast/Trends


Types of Batteries

a. Application

b. Cost vs Life Cycle

c. Maintenance



a. Description & Specifications

b. Pro’s & Con’s

c. Duty & Life Cycles

d. External Factors

e. Management Systems

f. Installation

g. Testing

h. End of Life

Feasibility Comparison

a. Depth of Discharge

b. Life Cycle

c. Cost

d. Financial Model


Standards & Safety

a. Installation

b. Storage

c. Maintenance

d. Consumables

e. Standards and OHS Act & Regulations

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Training Costs*

One day course with training manual:
R2,700.00* (excl VAT)

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Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)

1 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits for ECSA requirements.

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

0.8 credits for Continuing Professional Competency (CPC) demonstration to re-certify on another AEE certification program.

Terms and conditions

1. First paid first served policy applies for booking security.

2. Booking security requires the following to be received six (6) working days prior to the commencement of the course:

A. Full payment with proof of payment supplied.

B. A deposit of 25% with proof of payment supplied.

C. A purchase order for the full amount of the invoice.

3. Fees include coffee/tea/juice on arrival, mid-morning coffee/tea with pastries, mid-afternoon coffee/tea with biscuits, and lunch. For training the fee includes the text books and course fee. For examinations the fee includes the examination fee, marking fee, certification application fee, and 1 year membership of AEE for successful candidates.

4. It is the responsibility of the candidate attending the course to arrange their own travel, accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

5. Policy on international candidates

A. Invoices exclude withholding and country-specific taxes. Should these be leveraged by your country government, we reserve the right to invoice the responsible entity/person to recoup the costs.

B. VAT is payable for candidates attending training in South African borders, this may be claimed on departure from South Africa using the tax invoice.

6. Policy on cancellations

A. Cancellations received within five (5) working days prior to the first day of training will carry a 25% cancellation fee. No course material will be supplied.

B. Cancellations received six (6) working days prior to the first day of training will receive a full refund.

7. Policy on accounts not in good standing

A. The candidate in attendance at the course ultimately remains responsible for payment of the outstanding account and providing the proof of payment thereof.

B. In the event that a candidate, or the candidate’s organisation is not in good standing with us we reserve the right to withhold:

– Certificates of Attendance
– Course Attendance Registers
– Issuing of ECSA CPD credits
– Examination Results
– AEE Certification Application and/or Renewal Submissions
– AEE Certification Certificates
– Listing on the AEE website

8. The Energy Training Foundation (EnTF) is a division of Energy Cybernetics (Pty) Ltd and the invoice will be made out by Energy Cybernetics.

9. Right of Admission Reserved.