The standards set by the AEE for the CEM®, CMVP®, CEA™ and REP™ Certification courses should not be underestimated and adequate preparation for examination is required. We recommend the Fundamentals to Energy Management Training (FEMT) course to prepare for the Certification course training, or attending the 1-day CEM Examination Preparation training.

In the event that you have not obtained a pass-mark for your examination, regular opportunities exist for re-writes which are accommodated on the last day of every scheduled examination-based course. Please ensure you re-write within three years from the date of your training for the discipline you are writing in, thereafter the full course needs to be taken again as the training material is updated regularly and so too the examinations.

Please Note: AEE examinations may not be taken within 60 days of the last examination.

If you wish to apply for an examination rewrite, download the form below and submit to us

  • Please provide previous course information:
  • Company Information:
  • Delegate Information:
  • Training/Financial department (when applicable, alternative contact person)